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Human Relations Skills

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PDS Performance & Development Solutions

  Course Number: SC 203     Scheduled Sessions:
  Cost Per Person: $138/Participating Agency, $423/Non-Participating    

September 27-28, 2017
November 13-14, 2017
March 22-23, 2018
May 30-31, 2018

  Eligibility: All
  Instructor: Tripp
  Length: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (2 days)
  Certificate Series: Advanced Professional Development Certificate

Des Moines, Hoover State Office Building, Level A

A range of emotions are witnessed and experienced in the workplace, including anger, its causes, and the management of it in oneself and in others. Various difficult personalities found in the workplace are reviewed and you will learn how to work with each. Expressing yourself clearly, communicating assertively, using tools to cope more effectively with work situations beyond your control, connecting with people, and understanding barriers to communication are discussed in their role in an efficient and pleasant workplace.


  • Understand the feelings individuals have in the workplace, including anger, its causes and how
    to handle your own anger and the anger of others.
  • Identify the various types of difficult people encountered in the workplace and how to work with each
  • Become aware of the causes and methods of resolution for both organizational and interpersonal conflicts
  • Learn tools to more effectively cope with work situations that are beyond one’s control
  • Gain valuable tools to improve communication with others in the workplace and throughout one’s life

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