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Enhancing Team Membership

Event Description: 

PDS Performance & Development Solutions

  Course Number: MTS TM 001     Scheduled Sessions:
  Cost Per Person: $40/Participating Agency, $188/Non-Participating    




  Eligibility All
  Instructor: Tripp
  Length: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  Certificate Series: Advanced Professional Development Certificate

Des Moines, Hoover State Office Building, Level A

This course is designed for all state employees. Participants will learn skills to enable them to be a more productive team-player. This course focuses on providing participants with practical skills and strategies to positively affect both their current team and any future teams in which they may participate. Also discussed will be how to influence and engage others.


  • Identify traits of effective and ineffective teams
  • Define the difference between groups, teams, and high-performing teams
  • Discuss the benefits of developing a high-functioning team
  • Learn the 10 tenets of being an effective team member