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Cultural Competency

Event Description: 

PDS Performance & Development Solutions

  Course Number: MTS CC 001     Scheduled Sessions:
  Cost Per Person: $40/Participating Agency, $188/Non-Participating    





  Eligibility: All eligible but recommended for employees who have completed the Diversity course
  Instructor: Tripp
  Certificate Series: Advanced Professional Development Certificate
  Length: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Des Moines, Hoover State Office Building, Level A

This course is designed for all state employees. Participants will review the value of diversity and gain an understanding of the dynamics of difference. The course focuses on accessing cultural knowledge and the effectiveness of culturally congruent approaches. Recommended for participants who have completed the PDS Course, Diversity Training.


  • Discuss the definition of diversity, identity, and cultural competency.
  • Understand the difference between diversity and cultural competency.
  • Heighten awareness of how we treat individuals with different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and views.
  • Analyze case studies.
  • Create potential goals for your specific department or agency