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Risk and Benefits Management

Jessica Lingo

Bureau Chief - Risk and Benefits Management
515-418-0287 (c)


Group Health and Dental Insurance

Amy Liechti
Health Insurance Team Leader
515-422-7156 (c)

  • Health and dental policies and procedures
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Healthy Opportunities Wellness Program

Jim Pierson
Health and Dental Program Specialist

  • Employee and Retiree Benefits
  • Benefit education
  • Health and dental premiums for active and retirees
  • HRE webmaster
  • Healthy Opportunities Wellness Program
  • Optional insurance and automatic payroll deduction

Mary DeVries
HR Technician                                                                    515-725-1752

  • Certification of student status
  • COBRA application processing and loss of dental
  • Change to marital or partner status
  • Court order documentation
  • Double spouse
  • Health/dental/life P1 approvals (292, 294, 300, 301)


Educational Assistance

Susan Churchill
Administrative Assistant 


Retiree Health and Dental Insurance

Susan Piel
Retiree Benefits Specialist

  • Retiree health and dental applications and P1 approval

Jim Pierson
Employee and Retiree Benefits Specialist

  • Retiree health and dental insurance



Kelley Hall
Iowa Benefits Specialist

  • IowaBenefits administration


Benefits Billing Adjustments

Sandy Mezera
Benefit Billing Specialist

  • Payroll billing adjustments


Worker’s Compensation and Safety

Ryan Ihrke
Workers’ Compensation Coordinator

  • Workers’ compensation

Cindy Houlson
Safety Specialist

  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Ergonomic program

Leave and Other Insurance Plans

Krissy Estabrooks

Life and Long-Term Disability Specialist

  • Leave programs (Including FMLA and military leave)
  • Life and long-term disability policies and procedures and premiums
  • Relocation
  • Unemployment insurance administrator contract
  • Contract management of the leave management provider


Retirement Investors' Club (RIC) and
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Jenny Sandusky
Deferred Compensation Program Coordinator

  • Deferred compensation
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program
  • Premium conversion

Christi Patterson
Deferred Compensation Associate

  • Deferred compensation customer service
  • Deferred compensation processing 

Robbie Stoecker
RIC Deferred Compensation Program Specialist

  • Deferred compensation education
  • RIC webmaster

John Williams
403b Program Specialist

  • 403b program for employees of participating education-related employers (public K-12 districts, area education agencies, and community colleges


Performance & Development Solutions (PDS)

Kim Hanson 
Training & Development Specialist
515-401-9542 (c)

  • Consultation with agencies on training and development needs
  • Climate surveys, strategic planning/process improvement consulting
  • Leadership coaching
  • Assessment and program evaluation

Cindy Broshous
Administrative Assistant

  • Course scheduling - enrollments and cancellations
  • PDS Web updates
  • Bill processing

Danielle Potter
Training Specialist
515-725-2041 (c)

  • Consultation with agencies on training and development needs
  • Assessment and program evaluation






Healthy Opportunities 
Retirement Investors’ Club


Group Insurance 515-242-6450
Healthy Opportunities 515-242-6450
Retirement Investors’ Club 515-281-5102
Workers’ Compensation 515-242-6450