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Labor and Legal Services Contacts


Labor and Legal Services Coordinator

Jeffrey Edgar
515-783-5356 (c)

  • Coordinate delivery of services by Labor and Legal Services to Executive Branch Agencies
  • Provide consultation regarding interpretation and implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Liaison to Attorney General’s Office on human resources issues
  • Represent the State in certain arbitrations, Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) merit grievances and Prohibited Practice Complaints
  • Serve as Classification Appeal Committee Chair for all classification appeals
  • Provide collective bargaining consultation and expertise related to contract negations


Grievance Coordinator/Secretary 2


  • Administrative  support to Labor and Legal Services
  • Coordinate filings for grievances & non-contract grievances
  • Coordinate Arbitration Hearings
  • Coordinate Classification Appeals
  • Help coordinate GRIP Hearings
  • Distribute Step 2/Step 3 Grievance and Non-Grievance Answers
  • Distribute GRIP Settlements and Decisions
Labor and Legal Services Attorney

Andrew Hayes
515-333-1337 (c)

Henry Widen
515-473-1234 (c)

Alla Mintzer Zaprudsky
515-631-2463 (c)

  • Preside over Step 2/Step 3 grievance hearings for agencies assigned and issue answers in analysis form
  • Work with agencies when they have questions regarding CBA issues, including disciplinary matters and language interpretation
  • Serve on the GRIP panel to help facilitate the best resolution options for grievances
  • Negotiate settlements with the Union in cases where settlement seems the best option
  • Represent the State for arbitrations when the grievance has not been withdrawn or resolved through other steps of the process
  • Handle Step 3 non-contract grievance hearings
  • Represent the State for PERB hearings when a non-contract grievances has been appealed to the PERB board
  • Work with PO’s who may have questions or concerns over agency practices related to the CBA





State Employee Handbook 
Managers & Supervisors Manual 
Collective Bargaining Agreements 
Classification and Pay Plan

DAS-HRE LRT Coordinator

HRE-LRT Coordinator: 515-281-0753