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HR Information for Human Resources Associates

The following list includes many frequently used DAS-HRE forms and policies in one central location for the user's convenience. Several of these forms are also found in the Managers and Supervisors Manual and other locations on the DAS-HRE website. Where that is the case, a link to the respective Chapter in the Manual or other resource has been included.

This information is divided into the following sections for convenience:

Administrative Rules Lists
Agency Human Resources Contacts Long Term Disability Insurance
Benefits Manuals and Other Resources
Central Payroll Pay
Employment Pre-Audit
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Reasonable Accommodation
Fiscal Year-End Processing Relocation
Healthy Opportunities Newly Eligible Employee Procedures Severe Weather Information
Internships Sick Leave Insurance Program (SLIP)
Iowa Administrative Code State Human Resources Policies
IowaBenefits Taxable Benefits Processing P1 Type 300-301
Layoff Telework
Life Insurance Temporary Services
  Workers' Compensation


Administrative Rules

The Department of Administrative Services' primary rule chapter is 11 of the Iowa Administrative Code.

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Agency Human Resources Contacts

List of Agency Human Resources Contacts

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HRE Benefits website Benefits forms and other information can be accessed at this website.

2016 -2017 Deduction Schedule PDF
2017 Added Value Tax Table PDF
2017 Health and Dental Insurance Premiums PDF
2017 Life Insurance Premiums PDF  (12/2016) 
2017 Life Insurance Premiums for SPOC-covered Employees PDF  (12/20/2016) 
Insurance Coverage Effective Dates PDF
Life Event Matrix PDF

Chapter 6, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification)
Note: Chrome and Firefox users must right-click and select "Save link as" to download the I-9 form to their computer. The form can then be opened in Adobe Acrobat for completion. Internet Explorer users may click the link to complete the form within the browser, or may save the form to their computer to complete.


Steps in the Hiring Process 552-0492
Confidential Personal Data Form 552-0569
Powerpoint Presentation: Revised DAS Confidential Personal Data Form Information for HRAs

Chapter 4, Managers and Supervisors Manual

 NEOGOV Webinar

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Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Family and Medical Leave Act forms are available at the:

Family and Medical Leave website
Chapter 6, Managers and Supervisors Manual (Updates coming soon!)

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Fiscal Year End Processing

 2016 Fiscal Year-End Processing - Compensatory, Holiday, Family Care and Personal Leave Balances

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Healthy Opportunities Newly Eligible Employee Procedures

Newly Eligible Employee Procedures
Healthy Opportunities Participation Election
Overview for Newly Eligible Employees
Healthy Opportunities Eligible Employee Effective Date Calculator

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Application for State Employment 552-0072
Internship Completion Data 552-0342
Intern Hire Data 552-0343
Request for Intern List 552-0279

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AFSCME Request for Determination of Qualification 3rd Step Bumping Application 552-0699
AFSCME 3rd Bumping Application 552-0737
Application for State Employment 552-0072
Calculating AFSCME Seniority 552-0735
Calculating UE/IUP Seniority - Social Services Unit 552-0736
Contract Layoff Plan 552-0753
Non-Contract Layoff Plan 552-0752
Recall and Outplacement Instructions for Non-Contract Employees 552-0231B
Recall Instructions for Contract Covered Employees 552-0231A
Recall/Outplacement Application 552-0231C
Retention Point Calculation Worksheet 552-0106

Sample Contract Class Layoff Plan Cover Letter
Sample Non-Contract Class Layoff Plan Cover Letter
Sample Notice of Layoff Letter to Employee
Sample Notice of Layoff with 3rd Bumping Option
Sample Recall Letter (contract class from which laid off)
Sample Recall Letter (pick 15)
Sample Return to Recall Letter
Sample Seniority List with Layoff Line

Chapter 16, Managers and Supervisors Manual
Classes Constituting a Series (Managers & Supervisors Manual 16.45)

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance Claim Form

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Trainee/Journey Class List (Managers & Supervisors Manual 3.60)
Job Competency Library

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Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability Application Instructions

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Manuals and Other Resources

Centralized Payroll Manuals
Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Special Pay/Appointment Action 552-0125
Signature Authorization Form 552-0109
Agreement for Recouping Education Payments 552-0707

Chapter 5, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Excel Calculators (for calculating vacation and sick leave payouts, dates, pay adjustments, pay increases, and more)
Pre-Audit Calculators (protected)
Pre-Audit Calculators (unprotected)

Pay Period Calendars
2016 Pay Period Calendar
2017 Pay Period Calendar
2018 Pay Period Calendar

Step Increase Date Schedules
Step Increase Schedule FY16
Step Increase Schedule FY17

Presentations from HRA Trainings
April 2016 PA Training Powerpoint - P1 Overview
April 2016 PA Training Powerpoint - P1 Overview (2 slides per page)
April 2016 PA Training Powerpoint - P1 Overview (3 slides per page with area for notes)
2015 PA Training Powerpoint - P1 Overview
2015 PA Training Powerpoint - Excel Calculators

Additional Resources (cheat sheets, checklists, and more)
P1 and M5 Types and Approval Levels
Appeal Board Claim Process
Applicant Tracking System Requirements for P1 Approval
BrassRing Requirements
Calculations for Pay Adjustments/Term leave Pay
Checklist - Terminations
Checklist - Regular Retirements (Non-SLIP)
Dates Cheat Sheet
Donated Leave Forms & Deduction Information
Documentation Required for Pre-Audit
Email Subject Line
Employees Moving from One branch to Another
Employees Moving to & from the Department of Transportation
Helpful Links
HRIS Cheat Sheet
HRIS – Table of Codes
Leave Code Chart and Definitions
Payroll Processing Times Calendar
Postal Service Abbreviations
Reemployment vs. Reinstatement
Shift Differential Chart
Step Increases for Employees on Intermittent Leave
Termination Code Guidance
When to Process an M5 or a P1

P-1 Type Descriptions (sorted by P-1 number)
005 Full-time Appointment – New Hire
015 Part-time Appointment – New Hire
025 Commission/Board Member New Hire
039 Temporary Type Appointment – New Hire
055 Transfer to SLIP
058 Recall of Contract Covered Terminated Employee to State Employment
058 Recall of Non-Contract Terminated Employee to State Employment
059 Recall of Contract Covered Employee
059 Recall of Non-Contract Covered Employee
064 Board Member Reemployment
069 Reemployment
080-081 AmeriCorps > Temp Appt / Temp Appt > AmeriCorps
086 Temporary Appointment to Permanent Position
088 Lateral Transfer within Agency or Inter-Agency Transfer
099 Reinstate from Outplacement
099 Reinstatement
219 Home Address/Home Phone Change
239 Tax Status Change
249 Automatic Deposit Change
275-846 Donated Leave-Catastrophic Pay
300 Taxable Fringe Benefit
304 Credit Union Deduction Change
400 Types Terminations
402 Retirement
470-475 SLIP Calculation
501 Leave of Absence
502 Leave Code Correction
520 Return From Leave of Absence
619 Non-Contract Employee Pay Increase (Merit Increase)
636 Pay Increase Due for Past Pay Period
662 Promotion
669 Demotion
677 Reassignment in Lieu of Layoff (Outplacement)
692 Reclassification
839 Health Insurance Opt-Out Correction
844 Move Pay/ Income Not Subject to Retirement/ Workers Comp Pay
845 Catastrophic Leave/ Other Pay Adjustment/ Term Leave Pay/ Sick Leave Pay (Legislative and Judical branches only)
846 Catastrophic Leave/ Other Pay Adjustment/ Term Leave Pay/ Sick Leave Pay
849 Settlement Pay

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Reasonable Accommodation

 Request for Reasonable Accommodation 552-0574
Working with Persons with Disabilities: A Guide for State Supervisors and Managers

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Agreement for Recouping Payments 552-0751
Calculation of Mortgage Interest Differential 552-0703
Calculation of Market Value Differential 552-0704
Calculation of Income Tax Assistance Payment 552-0705
IRS Tests for Preparing Relocation Expense Claims 552-0706
Statement of Ownership of Principal Residence 552-0668
Moving Company Bid Sheet 552-0702
Relocation Expenses Recap (sample)
Travel Payment for Relocation Expenses (sample)
Travel Payment for Relocation Subsistence (sample)

Chapter 19, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Severe Weather Information

Severe Weather Policy
Severe Weather FAQ
Severe Weather Request for Assistance form

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Sick Leave Insurance Program (SLIP)

Sick Leave Insurance Program Enrollment 552-0713
Sick Leave Insurance Program Calculation Worksheet (for estimates only)
Sick Leave Insurance Program Checklist for Human Resources Associates

Chapter 6, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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State Human Resource Policies

This section lists the more frequently accessed policies of DAS-HRE and Iowa state government.

Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Anti-Discrimination Policy
Employee Complaint Form (fillable)
State of Iowa Employee Handbook
Supervisory Referrals to EAP (Managers & Supervisors Manual 9.25)
Donated Leave for Employees (Managers & Supervisors Manual 6.85)
Donated Leave for Immediate Family Members (Managers & Supervisors Manual 6.87)
FMLA State of Iowa Policy ( Managers & Supervisors Manual 6.90)
Substance Abuse (Managers & Supervisors Manual 9.50)
Substance Abuse Policy Guidelines for Supervisors (Managers & Supervisors Manual 9.55)
Relocation (Managers & Supervisors Manual 19.05) (See also CBA)
Hepatitis B Policy (Managers & Supervisors Manual 15.65)
Tuberculosis Exposure Control Policy (Managers & Supervisors Manual 15.75)
Standard Emergency Procedure Guideline (Managers & Supervisors Manual 15.20 )
Steps in the Hiring Process 552-0492
AIDS Policy (Managers & Supervisors Manual 15.70)

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Taxable Benefits Processing

Taxable Benefits (P1 Type 300-301) Processing on HRIS

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Telework Application
Telework Agreement

Chapter 18, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Temporary Services

Temporary Staffing Services Vendor Request 552-0647

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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation First Report of Injury or Illness
Workers’ Compensation Provider List

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Leave Code Changes and New FMLA and Workers’ Compensation Time Types Recorded Nov. 6, 2012 (44 minutes). Slides used during the presentation