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We would all like to be at our best at all times! Being fit means performing at your best. Being fit means you have the energy to complete life activities with ease. Being fit means you reduce and manage your risk of high blood pressure, coronary disease and diabetes. Some of the benefits of being fit include:

  • improves your sense of well-beingbiking
  • improves sleep patterns
  • increases stamina and strength
  • reduces risk of injury
  • is a great way to manage your stress
  • helps manage weight
  • reduces feelings of depression and anxiety
  • helps control blood pressure

Note: Do you need to see a physician before you begin a fitness program? Most adults do not, however if you have any of the following you should consult with your physician before starting any physical activity program.

  • Chronic health condition (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, respiratory difficulties, etc.)
  • High Risk for coronary disease
  • Age 40 or older/men, 50 or older women

Let’s get started! Successful fitness programs begin with a plan. Keep it safe and fun! Let’s get moving!


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