2017 Healthy Opportunities Campaign

May 15-Sept. 23, 2016

Healthy Opportunities Wellness Program

The voluntary program is designed to promote and support health awareness, healthy lifestyles, and an enhanced qualify of life.

  Steps to Take the On-Line Health Assessment

Key Resources

2017 Healthy Opportunities Campaign Overview  PDF
Wellmark Wellness Help Desk: 877.252.8412
Participating Hy-Vee Stores
Physician Fax Form
Order a Home Test Kit 
Schedule an Onsite Screening

Registering at Wellmark.com
Registering at Wellmark – Forgot your user ID and/or password

Key Dates

Action Beginning Date Ending Date 
Biometric Screening    
   Home Test Kit May 15 July 20
   Physician Fax May 15 July 20
   Hy-Vee In-Store Screening June 1 July 20 extended to Aug. 26
   Onsite Screening June 14 July 20
Online Health Assessment Sept. 1 Sept. 23

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Reward for participation

Eligible employees share in the cost of health insurance by paying 20 percent of the total health insurance premium.  By completing all the requirements of the Healthy Opportunities Program during the 2017 campaign timeframes, an eligible employee can reduce the amount of his/her portion of the health insurance premiums.  The employee portion is reduced by:

  • Collective bargaining agreement (SPOC-covered employees) or
  • Executive Council (non-contract covered employees)

The premium reduction will be reflected on the pay warrant issued December 23, 2016.

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Eligible Employees

State of Iowa Executive Branch Non-Contract and SPOC-covered employees are eligible to participate in the 2017 Healthy Opportunities Wellness Campaign. 

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Participation in the Wellness Program

If you choose to participate, you must complete the following to qualify for the premium reduction in 2017.

  • Biometric screening and online health assessment
  • Telephonic health coaching (if identified to participate during the 2016 campaign)

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Biometric Screening

The first step in the Healthy Opportunities Wellness Program is the biometric screening.  Biometric values offer a view of your health and can suggest if you are at risk for developing certain conditions.  If you have questions about their screening results, you should talk with your health care provider.

The biometric screening consists of:

  • Finger stick blood test taken from your ring or middle finger
  • Blood pressure reading (diastolic and systolic blood pressure)
  • Documentation of simple body measurements like your height, weight, and waist size

DPS SPOC and Non-Contract Sworn Officers

All Department of Public Safety SPOC-covered and non-contract sworn officers are required to participate in their annual, mandatory physical fitness testing.  The results of the mandatory physical fitness testing will be used for the biometric screening component of the Healthy Opportunities Wellness Program.

Options to Complete the Biometric Screening

There are four options to complete the biometric screening.

  1. Hy-Vee:  You may complete the biometric screening at participating Hy-Vee stores.  Contact a participating Hy-Vee stores to schedule an appointment. There is no cost to you for onsite biometric screenings.

Options no longer available

Onsite Locations:  Biometric screenings will be available in a number of state locations throughout Iowa. Summit Health and Hy-Vee will provide the onsite biometric screenings.  Click on the Schedule an Onsite Screening link to schedule your biometric screening. There is no cost to you for onsite biometric screenings.

Home test kit: You self-administer the biometric screening by placing blood on a specially treated paper and mail it to the processing lab in a preaddressed, prepaid mailing envelope. There is no cost to you for the home test kit.

Physician Office Fax:  You can visit your health care provider and have a lipid panel and glucose test.  Your health care provider completes the State of Iowa Health Care Provider Biometric Screening Form and then faxes the results. If you had the lipid panel and glucose test performed between January 1, 2016 – July 11, 2016, you will be able to use those test results for the 2017 campaign’s biometric screening requirement. Note: If you visit your physician, you will be responsible for your health insurance plan’s required copay or coinsurance.

Biometric Screening on Work Time

You can do the biometric screening on work time.  You are authorized a reasonable amount of time away from work, up to two hours, to complete your biometric screening using a participating Hy-Vee, an onsite screening or physician office visit.  If you believe you will require additional time due to special circumstances, please work directly with your supervisor to make arrangements.  Work time will not be provided for those who choose to participate in the screenings using the home test kit.

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Online Health Assessment

The next step is to complete a health assessment online.  The health assessment is a tool that evaluates your current health and quality of life.  The health assessment promotes health awareness by reviewing your personal lifestyle practices and revealing health issues that could be impacted by personal choices.  Coupled with the biometric screening data, the health assessment is a great way to see a complete picture of your overall health and get feedback on how to maintain or improve your health.

In order to complete your online Health Assessment, you will need to register at the Wellmark website (www.wellmark.com). 

Upon completing the health assessment, you will receive immediate results.  You will also be presented with personalized risk and condition reports that are based on the responses you provide in the health assessment.  The results also include embedded links to resources.

Online Health Assessment on Work Time

You can complete the health risk assessment on work time and via a State of Iowa issued computer.  We estimate that it should take a maximum of 30 minutes.

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Health Coaching

Based on the results of your biometric screening and health assessment, you may be a candidate for personalized telephonic assistance from a health coach.  Coaching enrollment will take place in early November.  If you were identified to participate in the coaching program, you will receive a system-generated e-mail notifying you of this.  A letter will also be mailed to your home.

Health coaching provides one-on-one assistance to those employees who need it most.  Health coaches will be assigned to employees, who are identified through the biometric screening and health assessment as having a certain risk level.  Health coaches will work with each of these individual employees to identify goals and barriers, providing education and support throughout the process.  Health coaching is conducted by phone. 

If you are a candidate for telephonic coaching, it is recommended that health coaching calls be done during non-work hours.  Because these conversations could be private in nature, it is in your best interest to schedule calls so that they can be conducted in a private location. 

If you are identified to participate in telephonic health coaching in 2017, you are required to have six (6) calls with a WebMD Health Coach prior to June 30, 2017.  If you do not complete the required coaching calls by June 30, 2017, you will not be eligible for the health insurance premium reduction in 2018.

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Protecting your privacy is very important to the State of Iowa and Wellmark.  Wellmark has strict protections in place to ensure the security of your personal information.  You can feel confident that any information you share with Wellmark will remain confidential.

Wellmark’s policy is to carefully guard any personal information you share with us, in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.  HIPAA prohibits anyone from receiving your personal health information without your permission.  All personal information you share with Wellmark through the Healthy Opportunities Wellness Program is:

  • Not shared with the State of Iowa or your physician
  • Not used to increase your premiums or deny coverage

Wellmark will combine your information with the records of others, so that it is not linked with any individual person.  This aggregated information helps the State better understand the health of its employee population.

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More Information

For more information about the 2017 Healthy Opportunities Wellness Campaign, contact the Wellmark Wellness Help Desk at 877.252.8412

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The Healthy Opportunities Wellness Program is more than just completion of a biometric screening and health assessment.  These tools are the starting points in helping you maintain or improve your health.