HRIS Time Types for FMLA


FMLA (Regular)

FMLA Military Caregiver

FMLA Work Comp

Vacation  902 FMLA Vacation 904 FMLA MC Vacation 931 FMLA WC Vacation
Sick Leave  912 FMLA Sick Leave 914 FMLA MC Sick Leave 930 FMLA WC Sick Leave
Family Care  916 FMLA Family Care Leave (no applicable Family Care time type) (no applicable Family Care time type)
Comp Time Taken  942 FMLA Comp Time Taken 943 FMLA MC Comp Time Taken 932 FMLA WC Comp Time Taken
Holiday Comp Time Taken  946 FMLA Holiday Comp Time Taken 947 FMLA MC Holiday Comp Time Taken 933 FMLA WC Holiday Comp Time Taken
Banked Holiday Taken  951 FMLA Banked Holiday Taken 952 FMLA MC Banked Holiday Taken 934 FMLA WC Banked Holiday Taken
Holiday (Paid)  950 FMLA Holiday 950 FMLA Holiday 950 FMLA Holiday
Leave Without Pay  961 FMLA Medical Leave Without Pay 964 FMLA MC Leave Without Pay 938 FMLA WC Leave Without Pay
962 FMLA Authorized Leave Without Pay
Other  (none) (none) 936 FMLA WC State Paid Hours *
937 FMLA WC Medical Appointment *

* temporary (non-permanent) employees are eligible for these time types only

Time Types above & FMLA information below excerpted from: HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM – TIME REPORTING SYSTEM MANUAL

Policies and Procedures related to the determination of FMLA covered leave
Please work with the Human Resources Associate in your department to determine if a leave event should be FMLA covered. Additional FMLA resources can be found at:

Leave Codes
Special leave codes and timesheet time types are to be used for employees who are on FMLA covered workers comp leave. It is critical that the time type hours are recorded properly on HRIS timesheet entries. This will allow tracking of the FMLA hours used for each employee and will also provide the ability for DAS-HRE to capture those hours for all departments on the central HRIS system for analysis and reporting purposes.

Warning Messages
When any FMLA time type is used and the timesheet is proofed, the DEPT level approval is automatically added to the timesheet. When the FMLA time types for 930- 935 (used for workers comp related leave) are entered on the timesheet, HRIS will display a warning message, with a reminder that an injury report and/or workers comp pay P1 entry is required.

Workers Compensation Leave Hours
Employees who miss work due to any type of Workers Compensation injury should contact the Human Resources Associate for their department. The Human Resources Associate can assist with completing first report of injury forms, workers comp benefit election forms (if applicable), and advisement on how electronic timesheets will need to be completed.