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Retiree Dental Insurance

You can continue to participate in the State of Iowa’s group dental plans when you retire. If your spouse is covered by our group insurance at the time of your death, he or she can continue dental coverage as a surviving spouse.

If you drop State of Iowa dental coverage, there is no provision for rejoining the group at a later date.

The same dental plan provisions that govern active employees’ coverage also apply to retirees’ coverage.

The cost of retiree dental coverage is the total cost of the insurance. Dental premiums are either single or family. Dental coverage for you and your spouse is considered family coverage. Dental premiums are not reduced when you become eligible for Medicare.

2023 Dental Premiums

Monthly Retiree Dental Premiums Single Family
Retirees (except retirees from a SPOC-covered position) $35.00 $90.00
Retirees from a SPOC-covered position $35.10 $86.79


For more information about the state's dental insurance benefit, review the DAS Dental Insurance website.

Vision Care Discount Program

Delta Dental subscribers have access to a vision care discount program at no additional cost to them through an association with EyeMed Vision Care. For more information on the EyeMed Discount Program through Delta Dental of Iowa, go to or call 1-866-246-9041.

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Updated 12/08/2022