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Retiree Health Insurance before Medicare

Health Plans Available to Retirees before Eligible for Medicare

The State offers retirees the following health plans.

  • Iowa Choice
  • National Choice

One health care plan with two network options:

  • Iowa Choice offers access to a large selection of doctors and hospitals in Iowa and in counties sharing a border with Iowa.  Iowa Choice uses Wellmark’s Blue Access network.
  • National Choice offers access to a large selection of doctors and hospitals in Iowa and across the nation. National Choice uses Wellmark’s Alliance Select network.

Iowa Choice/National Choice Options Side-by-Side Comparison 

Health Insurance Plans Premiums

The cost for retiree health coverage is the total health insurance premium.  The retiree health insurance premium may change usually on an annual basis.

2018 Retiree Health and Dental Premiums

A way to lower the retiree cost for health insurance coverage is the Sick Leave Insurance Program (SLIP). SLIP is an opportunity for eligible retirees to use all or part of their unused sick leave balance to pay the state’s share of their health care premiums until they are eligible for Medicare.

For more information about the Sick Leave Insurance Program (SLIP), review the DAS Sick Leave Insurance Program (SLIP) website.