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Military Leave

If you are called for military duty as a member of the National Guard, organized reserve, or any component part of the military of the State of Iowa or the United States and are a non-temporary employee, you will be paid your regular salary for time spent on military leave for up to 30 days per calendar year. You must provide proper notice to your supervisor and your agency’s human resources associate.

Consult your human resources associate for information regarding your other benefits while on military leave.

Military Leave of Absence Manual 
Iowa Code 29A.28
11 IAC 63.9(8A) Military Leave 
Your Rights Under USERRA


Military Leave Checklist for State of Iowa Employees (552-0796)
Military Leave of Absence Request (Exceed 30 Days) (552-0797)
Request for Military Leaves Dates (552-0798)
Military Leave Performance/Increase (552-0799)
Military Service - Voluntary Written Notice of Intent Not to Return (552-0800)

Created 01/11/2019
Updated 08/16/2019