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Group Insurance: Executive Branch Employees Hired on or after July 1, 2017

In addition to your direct compensation as a State of Iowa employee, the State also provides a variety of competitive benefits for you and your family.

This website provides details about the State of Iowa group insurance benefits for executive branch employees hired on or after July 1, 2017.  (For employees in a SPOC-covered position, see the Benefits for SPOC-Covered Employees website.) 

General Information

Benefits Eligibility

As an Executive Branch employee, you are eligible to participate in the State of Iowa’s benefit programs if you are in a permanent (non-temporary) or probationary position and make your elections within 30 days of hire. In addition:

  • If you work at least 20 hours a week, you are eligible to participate in the following benefits:
    • Health Insurance;
    • Dental Insurance;
    • Flexible Spending Accounts; and
    • Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC)*
  • If you work at least 30 hours a week, you are also eligible to participate in the following additional benefits:
    • Life Insurance; and
    • Long-Term Disability Insurance

* Employees with fixed annual salaries or who participate in RIC's tax-sheltered annuity program are not required to work 20+ hours a week.

Family Members Eligible for Benefits

The following family members are eligible for health and dental insurance coverage:

  • Your spouse (This individual is a husband or wife as the result of a legally-recognized marriage in Iowa. This does not include a spouse from whom the employee is legally separated or divorced.);
  • Your domestic partner (an unmarried person who has signed an affidavit of domestic partnership with the plan member);
  • Your children through the end of the calendar year in which they turn age 26;
  • Your unmarried children over the age of 26 who are full-time students; or
  • Your unmarried children who are totally and permanently disabled prior to age 27.

Pretax Premium Benefit

If you work at least 20 hours per week, you have the option to pay your share of health, dental and supplemental life insurance premiums with pretax (before federal, state and FICA taxes) dollars. You are automatically enrolled in this benefit and may opt-out within 30 days of hire. 

Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is effective the first day of the calendar month following completion of one month of continuous employment. If you are hired on or after July 1, 2017, you have several health insurance plans from which to choose, including two Managed Care Organization (MCO) plans, a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan, or an Indemnity plan. All health insurance plans are provided by Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa.

Health Insurance Resources

2017 Side-by-side health plans comparison for executive branch employees PDF

Benefit Booklets

Blue Access benefit booklet
Blue Advantage benefit booklet
Deductible 3 Plus benefit booklet
Iowa Select benefit booklet

Important Information about Blue Access and Blue Advantage

Blue Access and Blue Advantage are managed care plans. As such, health care services are provided by a statewide network of participating health care providers. Providers who participate in these plans are called Wellmark Health Plan Network providers.

Benefits for covered services are available only when received from Wellmark Health Plan Network providers.

It is the employee's responsibility to ensure providers are part of the Wellmark Health Plan managed care network. Services received from non-participating providers will not be paid by Wellmark. Visit the Wellmark website to check participating providers in your area.

Services received from out-of-network providers may be covered in the case of accidental injuries or emergencies.

2017 Monthly Health Insurance Premiums 

You share in the cost of health insurance by paying 20 percent of the total health insurance premium. You can reduce the amount of your health insurance premium contribution by $111 per month by participating in the Healthy Opportunities Wellness Program.

Information about the requirements of the Healthy Opportunities Program is at Healthy Opportunities Program for Newly-Eligible Employees.

2017 Health insurance premiums for executive branch employees PDF

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance coverage is effective the first day of the calendar month following the completion of one month of continuous employment.

Dental insurance is provided by Delta Dental of Iowa. You are able to receive dental services from two networks – Delta Dental PPOsm and Delta Dental Premier®.

Delta Dental PPOsm provides you and your family the lowest out-of-pockets costs. That’s because dentists who participate in the PPO network have agreed to accept lower reimbursements for services. More than 30 percent of all dentists in Iowa and 45 percent of dentists nationally participate in the Delta Dental PPO network.

Delta Dental Premier® is the largest dental network in the nation with more than 90 percent of all dentists in Iowa and more than 80 percent of dentists nationally participating. Delta Dental Premier® gives employees a wide selection of dentists.

You and your family members are free to go to any dentist, but you will save money by going to a PPO or Premier network provider. Plus network dentists have agreed not to charge more than Delta Dental’s maximum allowed fees, so dentists won’t balance bill employees the difference between the maximum allowed fees and their regular fees.

Dental Insurance Resources

2017 Dental insurance premiums for executive branch employees PDF
Delta Dental benefit summary  PDF 
State of Iowa's Delta Dental benefits certificate  PDF 

Vision Care Discount Program

In addition to dental benefits, Delta Dental insurance also includes access to a vision discount program through EyeMed Vision Care at no additional cost. Executive branch employees and their family members, enrolled in Delta Dental of Iowa, are eligible to receive the discounts. More information about the vision discount program is available at the DAS Vision Discount Program for Delta Dental Members website.

Life Insurance

The State of Iowa's life insurance plan provides your family financial protection in the event of your death. 


You are eligible for the State's life insurance coverage if you are a probationary or permanent employee who works 30 hours or more per week.  Coverage for a new employee is effective the first day of the calendar month following the completion of one month of continuous service.

Life Insurance Provider

Life insurance is provided by The Standard Insurance Company.

Basic Life Insurance 

The State of Iowa provides basic life insurance in the amount of $20,000 at no cost to you.

Supplemental Life Insurance

You can purchase supplemental term life insurance at group rates. The premium is based on your age and the amount of supplemental coverage elected. The minimum amount of supplemental life insurance available is $5,000. The maximum that can be purchased is $100,000

Life Insurance Premiums

You are responsible for 100 percent of the cost of supplemental term life insurance. 

2017 Life insurance premiums for executive branch employees


If you enroll in supplemental life insurance within the first 30 days of eligibility, you do not have to undergo medical underwriting. 

If you do not enroll in supplemental life insurance within 30 days of eligibility, you will not be able to enroll in supplemental life insurance coverage until the annual enrollment and change period unless you have a qualified life event during the plan year. In either event, you will be required to provide evidence of insurability to The Standard for their review and approval. Coverage will become effective the first of the month following The Standard's approval.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

In addition to life insurance, the State provides you with accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. Included in this benefit is coverage for dismemberment and loss of sight. The amount of AD&D insurance is an amount equivalent to your basic and supplemental life coverage. 

The AD&D plan is provided at no cost to you.

Life Insurance Beneficiaries

You designate your life insurance beneficiaries online in IowaBenefits. You can change your beneficiaries online anytime during the year.  More information about life insurance beneficiaries is available at the DAS Life Insurance Beneficiaries website.

Life Insurance Resources

Standard group life insurance benefits at a glance PDF 
Standard group life insurance certificate PDF 

Long Term Disability Insurance

The State of Iowa's long-term disability insurance provides for a monthly benefit of 60 percent of the employee’s annual earnings, up to a maximum of $36,000. 

You must be disabled through the waiting period, which is the longer of:

  • 18 weeks, excluding holidays (720 work hours); or 
  • Until all sick leave is exhausted. 

Long Term Disability Insurance Resources

Standard group LTD benefits at a glance PDF 
Standard Group long term disability (LTD) insurance certificate PDF 

Additional Benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts

You may defer up to $2,550 per year for unreimbursed health and dental expenses on a pretax basis and up to $5,000 per year for dependent care expenses on a pretax basis. More information is available at the Flexible Spending Accounts website.

Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC)

The Retirement Investors' Club (RIC) is a voluntary retirement savings program that allows you to set aside a portion of your salary to help supplement the state-sponsored retirement plan and Social Security benefits. There are no vesting requirements in this program.

State Match: At the same time, the State makes pretax match contributions into your selection of investments in a 401(a) employer match account. The match is $1 for every $1 contributed up to a $75 monthly maximum for most state employees. 

More information is available at the Retirement Investors' Club website. 


IPERS is a “defined benefit” retirement plan. A defined benefit plan uses a set formula to calculate benefits at retirement, providing a lifetime monthly benefit that cannot be outlived. 

You and the State of Iowa contribute a set percentage of pretax pay to IPERS. The deductions come out of the check automatically.

More information is available at the IPERS website.