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Benefit Education

DAS-HRE provides benefit education opportunities to help you understand and appreciate your State of Iowa’s employee benefit package. Understanding the benefits offered gives you the ability to make the best benefit decisions for you and your family.

DAS-HRE provides a variety of educational opportunities about the State’s benefits to engage you - newsletters, webcasts, recordings, video library and onsite presentations. 


HRExpress is a monthly electronic newsletter. It is your main source for updates and news about benefits, training opportunities, and more. 

 Benefit Education Calendar 

DAS-HRE presents benefit webinars every month.  The Benefit Education Calendar shows the dates and times of the webinars. In addition to DAS-HRE staff, there are special presentations from the State’s benefit providers. You may attend online from your computer or other Internet-enabled device. Be sure to check with your supervisor to ensure your agency's staffing and scheduling allow you to participate on work time and on a State computer.

 State of Iowa Benefit Highlight Series  - Coming Soon

Recognizing your schedule is busy, DAS-HRE created the Benefit Highlight Series. The Series are short (5 - 15 minutes in length) recordings of various employee benefits. Click on one of the Series’ topics and in just a few minutes, you will have a better understanding of the benefit. 

 Onsite Benefit Presentations

A DAS benefits staff member is available to make on-site benefit presentations to agencies or departments or to discuss benefit topics and answer questions through conference calls.

Onsite presentations may be stand-alone sessions or part of a staff meeting. More than one presentation at a location can be made to accommodate staffing levels or work shifts. Presentations can be edited if time is limited.

If you wish to participate in a conference call to discuss specific benefit questions, or if you are interested in having a DAS benefits staff member come to your location, ask your supervisor or Human Resources Associate to send an email to

Updated 01/14/2020