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Benefit Presentations

Employee benefits can be confusing.  Benefit education is a service provided by DAS benefit staff.  Learn to make the best use of your benefits by taking advantage of benefit education opportunities.

Benefit Education Presentations over the Web

You may participate in a live online session by simply connecting to the Internet and dialing a toll-free number by phone.  You can attend live presentations online at your worksite or your home. You only need access to the Internet and a telephone.

man on the phone with laptop

 You will attend real-time presentations online, view PowerPoint slides, supporting documents and websites while listening to the presenter. You can ask questions and receive answers during the sessions.

Click on the "Benefit Education Calendar" link on the left-side navigation for dates and times of scheduled benefit presentations.


Check with your supervisor that your agency’s staffing and scheduling allows you to participate on work time and on a state computer.  DAS-HRE encourages agencies to allow employees to attend benefit education opportunities if scheduling permits.

On-Site Benefit Presentations

A DAS benefit staff member is available to make on-site benefit presentations to agencies or departments or discuss benefit topics and answer questions through conference calls.

On-site presentations may be stand-alone session or part of a staff meeting. More than one presentation at a location can be made to accommodate staffing levels or work shifts. Presentations can be edited if time is limited.

If you are interested in having a DAS benefit staff member come to your locations, ask your supervisor or personnel assistant to send an email to