Capitol Complex Grounds Reservation Form

General Information

Please complete this form to reserve a location for your event in the public areas of the Capitol Complex Grounds and Administrative Buildings. Before filing out this form please review the Capitol Complex Events Calendars for availability.

When completing this form, use the Tab key to move from box to box. When completed, click the submit button to send your request to our Events Coordinator.  The email address submitted on this request will receive a confirmation of your request. The Events Coordinator will contact the Applicant listed on this request regarding your reservation. Please call 515.281.7259 for help with this form

Thank you for allowing us to assist you in your plan to hold an event at the State of Iowa Capitol.

Contact Information

This information is required for all events. Fill in all fields marked with an * (asterisk).

Information regarding the responsibilities for the use of the Capitol Complex Grounds and Buildings

  • Groups are responsible to restore the location of event to the same condition as it was upon arrival.
  • Groups will remove trash associated with the event. Groups may bring trash bags to remove all trash or remove trash from the State containers then replace with size 45 x 48 bags.
  • Groups will follow the digging/ground penetration approval procedures prior to penetration of the ground.
  • Signs will not be hung from the buildings, walls, lampposts or trees.
  • Signs may be carried by individuals, provided they are not on a pole or stick.
  • Signs, pictures or any other form of media will not suggest an endorsement by the State of Iowa for an individual, group, association or business.
  • Iowa Law expressly provides that groups using the area are liable for any damage
  • Tables, chairs and podiums are NOT provided. If needed, the Applicant will be required to make arrangements to provide them.
  • The sale of merchandise is prohibited.
  • The Iowa State Capitol Complex is a Tobacco and Smoke Free Environment. The use of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Public areas include  the West Capitol Terraces, Monument areas, parking lots and grounds surrounding the facilities.
Describe your event and any special considerations/equipment your group needs for the event.
Remember to include time to set up for the event.
Remember to include time to tear down and clean up after the event.


Please submit a separate request for each area you want to reserve. Click to review the locations for events on the West Capitol Terrace.

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