Capitol Complex Grounds

Reservation Process

State agencies or the general public may request use of the Capitol Complex for public events by completing this on-line application. 

  • Please review the Capitol Complex Events Calendar for availability prior to submitting requests. 
  • The email address submitted on the request will receive a notice verifying the request was received by the Event Coordinator. 
  • The Events Coordinator will contact the Applicant listed to confirm the request.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required for non-state agency events. Please review the MOU template. 
  • Groups requesting the Governor or Lt. Governor to speak at the event will need to redirect to the Governor's site to Submit a Scheduling Request Form
  • Direct questions regarding this application to or call 515-281-7259.

Event Representative

The following person is 18 years or older.
This person is the Duly Authorized Event Sponsor Representative authorized to sign the MOU or a State of Iowa employee with authority to host the event. 

Alternate Contact

The following person is the secondary contact or on site representative for the event.

Event Sponsor / Organization or Department Hosting the Event

Event Information

Linked below is a map of the West Capitol Terrace. If you are requesting several areas please choose one and list the other locations with your Event Details.
West Capitol Terrace. 

In the Event Detail text box, provide the arrangements for your event; i.e. list of equipment owned or rented from a 3rd party, street closures, time line of activities including set up, tear down or press conference and any other event specific information. 

Remember to include time to set up for the event.
Remember to include time to tear down and clean up after the event.