Capitol Building Reservation Form

General Information

Please complete this form to reserve a date and time for the use of the public areas of the Capitol Building. Please review the Capitol Complex Events Calendar for availability prior to submitting requests. We ask that you reserve only the amount of space needed so the Rotunda can be shared with other groups.

Applicants will use the Tab key to move from box to box. When completed, click the submit button to send your request to our Events Coordinator. The email address submitted on this request will receive a confirmation of your request. The Events Coordinator will contact the Applicant listed on the request regarding your reservation. Please call 515.281.7259 for help with this form.

Thank you for allowing us to assist you in your plan to hold an event at the State of Iowa Capitol.

Contact Information

Click to open the Contact Information section and fill in all fields marked with an * (asterisk).

Information regarding the responsibilities while in the Capitol Building:

  • Groups are responsible to restore the Rotunda to the same condition as it was upon arrival.
  • Groups will remove trash associated with the event.
  • Groups may use the few tables and chairs provided by the Capitol on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Displays/Groups must maintain a 5’ fire aisle.
  • Displays/Groups will not block the Civil War flag display, elevators or office doors.
  • Items not allowed in the Capitol include popcorn poppers, open flames (sterno), balloons, and loud musical instruments.
  • The sale of merchandise is prohibited.
  • Iowa law expressly provides that groups using the area are liable for any damage. 
  • The Iowa State Capitol Complex is a Tobacco and Smoke Free Environment.
  • For all conference rooms in the Capitol please contact the appropriate clerk to schedule: Senate Conference Rooms - 281.5307 and House Conference Rooms - 281.5383.
Provide the catering arrangements as well as the vendors and equipment to be used for the event including number of table and set up. Groups requesting to have the Governor or Lt. Governor speak at the event will need complete a request form on the Governor's web page. Include the time the Governor or Lt. Governor will be speaking in the Event Description of this form.
Remember to include time to set up for the event.
Remember to include time to tear down and clean up after the event.

Groups are able to request a quarter, half or the entire circle of the 1st Floor Rounda. Click to review the Capitol 1st Floor Rotunda Sections