Workforce Re-Employment Services

Event Area: 
Wallace Auditorium
Event Location: 
Event Date: 
Jan 23 2017 - 8:00am to 12:00pm
Iowa Workforce Development
Applicant's Name: 
Jeova Flores-Alvarez
Applicant's Phone: 
515 281 9632
Event Type: 
Public Event
Equipment Needed: - Stage - Podium - Microphone
Add'l Information: 
RES Orientation focuses on educating individuals about the resources that are offered by Iowa Workforce Development – including resume workshops, cover letter services, mock interviews, etc. IWD will talk about a variety of workshops that are part of the curriculum entitled, “6 Step Program to find a job in a touch economy,” which is created by IWD. IWD will also inform individuals of the resources available for Iowans who want to start their own business or who would like to go back to school. As time allows at the end of the program the group will focus on Unemployment Insurance questions and misconceptions. Individuals who are currently receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits are placed in the IWD system. IWD is required to allow the computer to randomly select a certain amount of individuals to attend the mandatory RES Orientation every week. It is held every Monday from 9am to 12p.m. at the Wallace Building Auditorium.