Prisoners of War / Missing In Action Remembrance Day

Event Sponsor: 
Air Force ROTC Detachment 250, Iowa State University
Event Date: 
Sep 17 2021 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Event Area: 
Capitol Complex
Event Location: 
West Mall
Event Type: 
Public Event
Expected Attendance: 
26 - 100
Add'l Information: 
each year the Air Force ROTC cadets from Iowa State hold a memorial run to honor the Prisoners of War / Missing In Action (POW/MIA) on POW/MIA day. We start at the capitol building, hold a brief ceremony where the Gov. or Lt. Gov. addresses the crowd, and then begin the 35 mile run (via Hwy 69) to the memorial union on Iowa State's campus. The local police force escorts our runners and support convoy, and is typically present at the ceremony.