​Environmental Lobby Day

Event Area: 
Capitol Building
Event Location: 
1st Floor Rotunda - West & South
Event Date: 
Mar 21 2019 - 8:00am to 2:00pm
​Iowa Environmental Council
Applicant's Name: 
​​Kitty Jacobson
Applicant's Phone: 
Event Type: 
Public Event
Expected Attendance: 
101 - 500
Add'l Information: 
​Webpage With Event Information: http://www.iaenvironment.org/get-involved/council-events/environmental-lobby-day/default.aspx. Each year, diverse individuals and organizations from cross the state come together at the Iowa State Capitol for Environmental Lobby Day and REAP Day at the Capitol. The event is hosted by the Iowa Environmental Council, the Iowa REAP Alliance, and Iowa's Water & Land Legacy Coalition.