​Des Moines Streetstyle Open

Event Sponsor: 
​Skate DSM
Event Date: 
Sep 24 2021 - 10:00am to 1:30pm
Event Area: 
Capitol Complex
Event Location: 
West Capitol Terrace
Location Area: 
People's Plaza and Center Plaza
Event Type: 
Public Event
Expected Attendance: 
101 - 500
Add'l Information: 
​Web Page With Event Information: desmoinesstreetstyleopen.com Event Detail: this will be a skateboarding competition with some of the worlds best skaters competing. We will use the plaza to the east of Center plaza and the stairs between Center Plaza and People's plaza for the competition. We will NOT use the handrail. Spectators will line both sides of the event (to the north and south). We will have amplified sound owned by us using Red Bull's mobile sound vehicle. There will be no street closures. Set up time: 10am Competition: 11am - 1pm Tear Down Time: 1pm