​Bethel Choir Spring Tour

Event Area: 
Capitol Building
Event Location: 
1st Floor Rotunda - Entire Rotunda
Event Date: 
Mar 16 2019 - 9:30am to 11:00am
​Bethel University Department of Music
Applicant's Name: 
​Kevin Shull & ​Ellie Marckmann
Applicant's Phone: 
​651-328-7653 & ​515-306-8386
Event Type: 
Public Event
Expected Attendance: 
26 - 100
Add'l Information: 
​The Bethel Choir from Bethel University would like to sing in the middle of the Rotunda. There are 56 members in the choir along with 3 faculty members. There is no equipment needed. This is not considered a concert event, but rather an informal opportunity for the choir to sing in a beautiful space. While this is open to the public, we will not be heavily advertising and do not expect many others outside of the choir to attend. We plan to arrive at the Capitol between 9:45 and 10am, would sing for approximately 30 minutes, and leave the building after singing.