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Lease & Space Management Services


Barbara Bendon, Administrator
Location: Facilities Management Center, 109 SE 13th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50319


Leasing Services

The Space and Lease Management team within DAS is responsible for assignment, design and reconfiguration of office space for every state office building on the Capitol Complex and at the lab facility in Ankeny, as well as locating, negotiating and managing all of the leased space in Polk County for state offices. The team also is responsible for reviewing leases for state facilities outside Polk County, plus numerous moves, re-sets and mapping out spaces for office designs and redesigns.

Statewide Leasing


Space Management Services

The Space Planning division is responsible for assignment and tracking of office and storage space on the Capitol Complex and in leased locations in Polk and contiguous counties. The division is also responsible for developing and maintaining agency space allocation forms and office space standards and guidelines in order to effectively plan and ensure maximization of space utilization for the most efficient use of space.

Space Planning and Space Assignment Services


State Surplus Property

The Space and Lease Management team within DAS reassumed responsibility for the state surplus property program effective October 1, 2008. There is no longer a storefront operation; instead, most items will be sold online. DAS has contracted with an online auction service called GovDeals to assist state departments with their surplus property.

State Surplus Property Program