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Safety Charter

The Safety and Health Committee is invaluable in addressing safety concerns and promoting a safe and healthful work environment. Active participation and cooperation by key employees from each DAS enterprise assist in implementing the Employee Safety and Health Program. The difference between success and failure lies within the original purpose of the committee, including the purpose, membership, structure and support received while carrying out its responsibilities.


  1. To actively participate in the Employee Safety Program including training.
  2. To serve as a safety and health contact, advocate and liaison for staff in each enterprise.
  3. To inform enterprise staff of the objectives and goals of the committee.
  4. To study and review incidents with a focus on identifying and eliminating hazards to prevent or reduce reoccurrence.
  5. To conduct periodic inspections of employee work sites.


  1. Will consist of a representative from each enterprise to function as a Safety and Health Committee member, one of whom must also be a union member. Members are expected to be:
    • Dedicated and committed
    • Willing to take on new tasks
    • Available for all meetings
  2. DAS Safety Officer


  1. Meetings are held monthly.
  2. Membership is staggered, rotating at a minimum of two to three years.
  3. Members who are absent for three or more consecutive meetings without alternate representation may be replaced.
  4. Meeting schedules are available on the Employee Safety Program web site and on the Safety Bulletin Board located in the Facilities Management Center.
  5. The Executive Leadership Team may be asked to assist with inter-agency safety issues, as necessary.


  1. Support of all Department of Administrative Services employees.
  2. Support from DAS Director, Chief Operating Officers and Administrators.