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Manufactures for Capitol Complex Maintenance

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SoyDiesel SoyGold Ag Environmental Products Inc
Influence 1400 Agri-Chem/Qwest Products Corporation
Acetylene Airco, Div of the BOC Group
Oxygen Airco
Amine 4 - 2, 4-D Albaugh Inc
Glystar Pro Albaugh Inc
Carbon Dioxide Amerex Corporation
Dry Chemical - Regular Amerex Corporation
Dry Chemicals (for ABC Extinguisher) Amerex Corporation
Freon FE 1211 - Halon Amerex Corporation
Household Oil - Three-In-One American Home Products Corporation
Freon FE 1301 - Halon Ansul Inc
Adhesive - SEC Armstrong World Industries Inc
Armaflex and Armaflex II Armstrong World Industries Inc
Insulation - Tuboli Pipe Armstrong World Industries Inc
Aminopyridine Avitrol Corporation


Cement - Contact 0308 Natural Weldwood HHR Beecham Home Improvement Products Inc
Cement - Contact 2000 Weldwood Nonflammable Beecham Home Improvement Products Inc
Rat and Mouse Bait Bell Laboratories
Boise Cascase Particleboard Boise Cascade Corporation
Alloys - Brant #20FC Brant's Welding Alloys
Alloys - Brant #409 Brant's Welding Alloys
Alloys - Brant #610 Brant's Welding Alloys
Degreaser - TerraGreen Brulin & Company
Disinfectant - Maxima 256 Brulin & Company
Floor Finish ZF Environmental - TerraGreen Brulin & Company
Floor Stripper - TerraGreen Brulin & Company
Glass Cleaner Blue - TerraGreen Brulin & Company
Neutral Cleaner - TerraGreen Brulin & Company
Fiberglass Fabric Burlington Glass Fabrics


PVC Adhesive Ceel-Co
Insulation Fiber Glass - Fibrous Glass CertainTeed
Coolant Aerosol Tapping NR 387 Chesterton Company
Silicone Lubricant Aerosol NR 660 Chesterton Company
Asphalt Cutback Tile Cement Chicago Adhesive Products Co
Adhesive - Fibrous - CP97 Childers Products Co
CP 80 Chil-Stix - Neoprene Contact Bond Cement Childers Products Co
Neoprene Contact Bond Cement - CP 80 Chil-Stix Childers Products Co
Rubber Adhesive - CP 85 Chil-Stix (Synthetic) Childers Products Co
Caulk (Latex) - Touch N Caulk Tub N Tile Convenience Products Inc
Polyurethane Foam - Touch N Foam Convenience Products Inc
Sweeping Compound 15G Cotto-Waxo


Tetraglas Darco Southern Inc
Cement - Portland Type 1 Demco Inc
Crack Filler - Dependable White Dependable Chemical Co Inc
White Latex Liquid - Dependable Dependable Chemical Co Inc
Herbicide - Tordon RTU Dow AgroSciences LLC
Calcium Chloride Pellets 90 (Bulk) Dow Chemical
DowTherm SR-1 Heat Transfer Fluid - Dyed - Only On Condenser Side Dow Chemical
DowTherm SR-1 Heat Transfer Fluid Dow Chemical
Herbicide - Confront* Dow AgroSciences LLC
Herbicide Hyvar X-L DuPont

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Thaw Master Eau Claire Cooperative
Asphalt Emulsion CM-4 Elf Aquitaine Asphalt Inc
Asphalt Emulsion CMS-2S Elf Aquitaine Asphalt Inc
Asphalt Emulsion - CRS-2s - Polymerized Elf Aquitaine Asphalt Inc
Asphalt Emulsion - CSS-1 Elf Aquitaine Asphalt Inc
Asphalt Emulsion - HFE-60 Elf Aquitaine Asphalt Inc
PEP - Petroleum Hydrocarbon & Water Elf Aquitaine Asphalt Inc
StyRelf 13 Elf Aquitaine Asphalt Inc
Brush Killer Concentrate Enforcer Products Inc


Penetrating Oil Aerosol - Free All Deep Federal Process Company
Air Compressor Oil No. 0-No. 5 - Lubriplate Fisks Brothers Refining Co
Bromine & Nitrogen - Flamort T - Water Soluble Flamort Chemical Company
Gasoline -Conventional Flint Hills Resources LP
Cement - Contact - Franklin Table & Counter Top Franklin Chemical Industries
Glue Franklin White Franklin Chemical Industries


Bleach - Des Moines Cleanser G & S Products
Barium Chloride 10% GE Betz
Buffer Solution PH 7 Color Coded GE Betz
Conductivity Std SOL 4000n UMHOS @25 GE Betz
Continuum AEC213 GE Betz
Corrshield NT411 GE Betz
Foamtrol AF4400 GE Betz
MB Dipslides F/Bacterial/Fungal Count GE Betz
Methyl Purple Indicator GE Betz
Optiguard MCA 624 GE Betz
Potassium Iodide GE Betz
Spectrus OS103 GE Betz
Sulfite Indicator Plus GE Betz
Sulfuric Acid0.25 N GE Betz
Adhesive General Adhesives and Chemical Company
Silicone Primer General Electric Company
Silicone Sealant General Electric Company
Hand Cleaner - Gent-L-Kleen Gent-L-Kleen Products Inc
Asphalt Cements Gibson-Homans Company
Roofing Tar Gibson-Homans Company
Antimicrobial Lotion Soap - DermaPro Ultra Mild Go-Jo Industries Inc
Correction Tape (Film) Goodrich Technologies (Office Max)
Ironite Plus 6-2-1 Gro Tec Inc


Insul-Tube Halstead Industries Products
Cement Pipe - CPVC Hercules Chemical Company Inc
Cleaner - Plastic Pipe and Fittings Hercules Chemical Company Inc
Pro Proxy & Pro Proxy 20 Hercules Chemical Company Inc
Steel - Shielded Metal Arc Welding SMAW Mild Hobart Brothers Company

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Demon WP - Insecticide ICI Americas Inc
Talon™ G ICI Americas Inc
Lubricant - Cycle Opti-2 2 Interlube International Inc
Green Giant Cleaner Iowa Prison Industries
Hand Soap - Liquid Iowa Prison Industries
Scouring Powder - Bright Arrow Iowa Prison Industries


Anti-seize-NIKAL - Jet Lube SS-30 Jet-Lube Inc
Lubricant 769 Plus - Corrosion Inhibitor - Jet-Lube Inc
Roughneck Regular PVC Solvent Cement Jet-Lube Inc
Thread Sealing Compound - Jet Lube TFW Jet-Lube Inc


Epoxy - Liquid Anchor (Hardener 81199) KAR Products
SuperFoarm 380 Kem MFG
Fiberglass Insulation- Fibrous Glass - Pipe and Tank Insulation Knauf Fiber Glass Gmbh


Sucker Stopper RTU Lawn & Garden Products Inc
E-POX-E System® - Duro TM Master Mend TM Loctite Corporation

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Cleaner Remover SXC-NF/ZC-7B Magnaflux Corporation
Vulkem 116 Mameco International Inc
Insulation - Ceramic-Fiber - Thermo-Mat Manville
Insulation - Duct Micro-aire Manville
Insulation - Faced Microlite Manville
Insulation - Microlok Manville
Insulation - Pipe & Tank Manville
Insulation - Plain Microlite Manville
Insulation - R Series Microlite Manville
Insulation Fittings - Fibrous Glass Manville
Spin Glass 1000-'Board Insulation Manville
Spin Glass 812-817 Manville
Spin Glass Precipitator Manville
Zeston PVC Fitting Covers & FG Insert Manville
Cement - Masonry Monarch Cement Company
Honcho® Plus Herbicide Monsanto Company
Manage® Turf - Herbicide Monsanto Company
Roundup Original® Herbicide Monsanto Company
Roundup Pro® Herbicide Monsanto Company


Cements - All Thermokote & Thermal Kote N. P. I.
Riverdale® Millennium Ultra Nufarm Americas Inc
Riverdale® Razor® Pro Nufarm Americas Inc
Riverdale® Triplet® Selective Herbicide Nufarm Americas Inc


Fiberglass Insulation all types Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation
Insulation - Kaylo 10™ AF Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation
Isotox Insect Killer Formula IV Ortho Group, The


Adhesive - Carpet Para-Chem Southern Inc
Foam Suppressant - Knockdown™ Precision Laboratories Inc
Glyphosate Pro II ProKoz Inc
Prozalin 4L ProKoz Inc
Enviro Klean BioKlean Cleander ProSoCo Inc



Glass Cleaner Concentrate - Super Rand Chemical Corporation
Kure-N-Seal Rexnord Chemical Products Inc
Tri Flow - Lubricant Mixture Richardson-Vick's Inc
Print Cartridge Black MP C3000A Ricoh Corporation
Print Cartridge Cyan MP C3000A Ricoh Corporation
Print Cartridge Magenta MP C3000A Ricoh Corporation
Print Cartridge Yellow MP C3000A Ricoh Corporation


Liquid Paper 2 in 1 Pen & Brush Combo Sanford NA
Barrier Cream - Hand Cream - Extra Care Sani-Fresh International Inc
Hand Cleanser - Waterless - Super Strength Sani-Fresh International Inc
Lotion Cleanser - Gentle Sani-Fresh International Inc
Deep Woods Off Aerosol Insect Repellent SC Johnson & Son Inc
Epox 5242 Chemical Resistance Fincuring Agent SCM Corporation
Epox 5568 Solvent Clear SCM Corporation
Grout - Sonogrout Sonneborn Building Products
Kure-N-Seal BP3635 Sonneborn Building Products
Belt Dressing 00607 Sprayon Products
Hornet & Wasp Spray Standardized Sanitation Systems Inc
Stihl 2 Cycle Ultra Performance Engine Oil Stihl Inc
Stihl Bar & Chain Lubricant Stihl Inc
Magnum Pennant Syngenta Crop Protection Inc


Bug Killer - GardenTech Sevin Concentrate TechPac LLC
Hydraulic Oils Texaco Lubricants
Adhesive - Nomad Brand 3M
Adhesive - Spray Supper 77 3M
K&B Vault & Riser Cable Lubricant 3M
Sealing Compound - Safety Walk® Brand Edge 3M
Primer Adhesive Safety Walk® Brand 3M

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Uni-Weld 2200 United Elchem Industries Inc
Uni-Weld 7300 United Elchem Industries Inc
Plaster Gypsum - Perlite United State Gypsum Company
Plaster - Moulding United States Gypsum Company
Red Top Retarder United States Gypsum Company


Glass Cleaner Concentrate Vestal Laboratories
Refrigeration Oil Sunriso 3GS Virginia KMP
Enamel Undercoat CU-1401 Vogel Paint & Wax Co Inc


WD-40 Aerosol WD-40 Company
WD-40 Bulk Liquid WD-40 Company
Talloil Pitch/Solvent Blend - Touchdown #737 W F Taylor Co Inc
Touchdown #733 Thin Spread W F Taylor Co Inc
Whitmire PT565 Whitmire Research Laboratories Inc