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Facilities Management Center

Quick Facts

Building Name, Address:

Facilities Management Center, 
109 SE 13th Street, Des Moines

Primary Occupants:

Department of Administrative Services

Years Constructed:


Designers & Builders:

Brooks Borg Skiles Architecture Engineering


The Facilities Management Center is tucked into the southeast corner of the Capitol Complex and serves as the hub for many of the Capitol Complex's most important "behind the scenes" offices, included Architectural & Engineering Services and Capitol Complex Maintenance. These offices help keep all other state agencies operating in good, safe and efficient facilities. The original structure was constructed in 1980 and was renovated in 2007.

Green Features

  • Free cooling
  • Optimized steam heating
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) economizers
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) occupied/unoccupied schedules are programmed through the building automation system
  • Fluorescent lighting upgraded to efficient T-8 lamps with electronic ballasts
  • Incandescent bulbs replaced with energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs
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A carpentry shop is located within the Facilities Management Center.

Photo by: Laura Riordan

The Facilities Management Center includes the "Blueprint Room," where hundreds of blueprints and plans for various state office buildings across the state are kept.

Photo by: Laura Riordan

Work trucks and tractors used for snow removal and grounds maintenance are stored in a garage in the Facilities Management Center.

Photo by: Laura Riordan