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Major Maintenance


Major maintenance is defined as expenditures made beyond the regular, normal upkeep of physical properties (i.e. Land, Buildings, and Equipment) for the repair or replacement of failed or failing building components as necessary to return a facility to its currently intended use, to prevent further damage, or to make it compliant with changes in laws, regulations, codes or standards. Tangible personal property as defined in the section "Routine Maintenance Definitions" shall not be eligible for major maintenance funds.

Major Maintenance Priority Recommendations

DAS established broad priorities for accomplishing infrastructure work across the state. These priorities serve as the basis for evaluating and ranking major maintenance project requests. In order, the priorities are:

  1. Threats to health, life and fire safety, provided they are necessary to preserve the lives, health and safety of citizens, residents, state workers and visitors to state facilities.
  2. Non-emergency repairs, which do not pose an immediate life safety threat to the users but which result in or could result in exponential damage to the structure or significant degradation of the mission/operations of an Agency.
  3. Projects that increase or maintain access under Americans with Disabilities Act and/or are included as Transition Plan requirements.
  4. Scheduled maintenance of equipment that is currently functioning in order to prolong the equipment life.
  5. Projects to increase operational or energy efficiency of building equipment or structure. This may include renovation work, provided the renovation work is not for purely aesthetic or functional reasons. Repairs to alleviate life safety issues or exponential damage shall be an integral part of the renovation work. Building replacement, if replacement of an existing facility is more cost effective than repairs to alleviate life, health and safety issues or exponential damage, could also be funded. Only energy efficiency projects that are not eligible for Energy Bank or lease-purchase financing may receive Major Maintenance funding.
  6. Building demolition.

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