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Capitol Complex "Eye on Energy"

Building Overviews

The following pages include historical information and photos of each building on the Capitol Complex.

Green Features — Educational Demonstrations

The Department of Administrative Services has implemented various green features on the Capitol Complex. The educational demos explain how these features save taxpayer money and use renewal resources.

The Capitol Complex uses cool outside air to directly cool the interior of buildings whenever possible. This is called “economizer” cooling.

The Capitol Complex utilizes a central plant to provide chilled water for cooling the buildings on the Complex. At the buildings, the chilled water is circulated through coils to transfer the heat from an airstream to cool the buildings.

Renewable fuels – such as ethanol, biodiesel, bio-oil and other oxygenated fuels – replace non-renewable fuels such as natural gas, propane, and other fossil fuels.

Electricity can be produced using the movement of air; this is referred to as wind energy, which is a renewable resource.

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