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Capitol Complex Ground Penetration Process

Due to the amount of high voltage lines, other power lines, phone/data lines, etc., DAS requires event coordinators or contractors requesting to penetrate the Capitol Complex grounds by digging, boring or penetration with stakes, signs, etc., must complete the following least five (5) working days prior to digging, boring or ground penetration.

  1. Requestor will contact Iowa One Call: 
    • Event Coordinators - call 800-292-8989 opt.2 for contractors and frequent caller. Request to set up a Joint Meeting Locate. Event Coordinator or representative of the group must be present for the Joint Meeting Locate.
    • Contractors for construction projects - call or complete the on-line ticket request.
  2. Requestor will complete the Capitol Complex Digging Application below and submit.
  3. Requestor will mark the area(s) intended to be penetrated with white spray paint or white flags prior to the locate.
  4. One Call Participating Members will place their locate flags at the site with 'OK' on the ground or identifying the location of underground utilities.

Ground penetration on the Capitol Complex is not allowed

until the steps listed above have been taken and your event or project has been approved.

Locate Request

Provide the reason for the penetration and the equipment that will be used.
Provide additional comments regarding special requirements for the Joint Meeting.
Use the link to the Complex map below for assistance.

Event Coordinator / Contractor Information

Confirmation receipt will be to the email address provided.

Map of the Capitol Complex

Click "Submit" when complete to have your information sent to Iowa Department of Administrative Services, General Service Enterprise Customer Service. The DAS representative will meet your group at the Joint Meeting Location. 

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