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CPB & Fleet Contacts


Central Procurement & Fleet Contacts

Personnel Contact

Phone Number

Central Procurement and Fleet Services Enterprise COO Kelly Green 515-725-2272
Central Procurement and Fleet Services CFO Randy Lagerblade 515-829-6356
Procurement Manager Karl Wendt 515-281-7073
Procurement Clerk Specialist Kelli Sizenbach 515-725-2275
Purchasing Card Program    
State Pcard Program Manager Jacquie Holm-Smith 515-725-2892
State Pcard Program Specialist Barbara Sullivan 515-281-5922
Fleet Services    
Fleet Manager Jeannie Adams 515-725-2243
Fleet Garage Supervisor Ron Christensen 515-725-6198
Fleet Services Coordinator John Johnston 515-281-5122
Motor Pool & Vehicle Dispatch Charles McCann 515-281-5123