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Great Seal of Iowa (8)

Iowa Seal

THE WEIDENMANN PROJECT (Includes monuments 8-11)

In 1884, a committee appointed by Governor Buren R. Sherman chose architect John Weidenmann of New York City to design plans for improving the state capitol grounds. The plans were set aside while work on the capitol continued. Six years later, the actual project began and it was completed in 1892.

This bronze tablet is a near replica of the state seal used by early Iowa governors. An eagle holds a banner proclaiming the state motto. Below, a soldier stands with gun and liberty cap in hand, the plow not far away. In the background, the steamer "Iowa" chugs down the Mississippi River. Just behind it, a furnace and smokestack represent the pig-lead factories at Dubuque. Alexander Doyle of New York City was paid $650 to design the tablet.