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Xenia Rural Water District

23998 141st Street
Bouton, IA 50039
Phone: (515) 676-2117 or 888-355-2619
Fax: 515-676-2208    

Plan details specific to the Xenia Rural Water District 457/401a supplemental retirement savings plans are shown below.  Access additional program information including enrollment, providers, and distributions from the left menu. Take advantage of this great employee benefit today!
Eligibility   Contributions   Investments   Payroll changes
Employees scheduled for 20+ hours/week are eligible to participate in the 457 plan.   Limits: Min = $25/mo; Max = IRS annual limits.
3-Year Catch-Up is available to qualified participants who are no more than 4 years from normal retirement. To find out if you qualify, request a 3-year catch-up worksheet from your payroll department.
Types: Pretax & post-tax Roth
Employer Match: 100% of the first $1,950 contributed to the 457 plan each calendar year.
  Your plan's RIC providers offer investment options and services including help with fund selection and enrollment.  A list of fund options by investment category is available in the RIC At-A-Glance.   To request a change to your existing payroll deduction amount or taxation, complete your plan's RIC Account Form and forward it to your payroll office.