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Akron Care Center

991 Highway 3
Akron, IA 51001
Phone: (712) 568-2422
Fax: (712) 568-2424 

Plan details specific to the Akron Care Center 457/401a plans are shown below.  Access additional program information from the left menu. Enrollment is year round! Take advantage of this great employee benefit today!  

Review a webcast recording of the RIC Overview for Akron Care Center (available in 2 formats-,mp4 and .wmv) presented November 2, 2016.

Eligibility   Contributions   Investments   Payroll changes
All employees are eligible to participate.   457 employee contributions: Option to save Pretax and post-tax Roth
457 Limits: $25/month up to IRS annual limits
  Your provider offers attractive investment options and services and assists employees with enrollment and account reviews. A list of fund options by investment category is available in the RIC At-A-Glance PDFProvider information / 800-743-5274   You may request a change to your existing payroll deduction amount at any time by completing Akron Care Center's RIC Account Form  PDF and forwarding it to your payroll office.