Mail Order Prescription Benefit

Mail Order Prescription Benefit Saves Time and Money

February 2018 

We live in a world where just about everything can be purchased on the Internet - music, movies, clothes, and even groceries can be shipped right to your home! Now, you can add your prescription medications to that list and avoid waiting in line or driving to the pharmacy.

Using the State of Iowa health plan mail order prescription benefit is very convenient. Simply place your order over the phone or online and have your prescriptions shipped directly to whatever location you choose. With the mail order prescription service through CVS/caremark, your medicine arrives safely, in plain packaging at no extra cost. You will also be told when a shipment is on the way so you can make changes or cancel at any time.

While convenience is an important consideration, so is cost. With the mail order pharmacy benefit, you can receive a 90-day supply of your medication for the cost of just two copays. Normally, at the retail pharmacy, you would pay three copays for a 90-day supply. 

Consider this example
You are enrolled in either Iowa Choice or National Choice and you are prescribed Tier 2 medication. The copay for the prescription is $25 for a 30-day supply. If the prescription is filled at a retail pharmacy every month, you will spend $300 per year for the prescription.
Now, consider if you use the mail order prescription benefit. For a 90-day supply, your copay will be $50 - just two copays of $25. Because you get a 90-day supply, you will only refill the prescription approximately four times a year, paying $200 per year for your copay. That’s a savings of $100 per year for just one prescription. Think what your savings could be if you or your covered family members have more than one prescription.

Here’s how to get started
Filling your prescriptions through the mail is secure and confidential.To get started, ask your doctor for two prescriptions. One for a short term, 30-day supply, to use immediately and a second 90-day supply with refills for the pharmacists at the mail order pharmacy.

For next steps, more information, and to create an account, follow the instructions on the CVS/caremark website.