The Iowa WorkSmart Project


Iowa WorkSmart Project Marks Major Milestone

August 2020 

The Iowa WorkSmart Project has reached a major milestone in the Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) implementation, transitioning from the Architect to Configure and Prototype stage. 

During this stage, the new system begins to take shape as functionality and integrations are built and tested in the State of Iowa tenant. This “tenant” is the State’s unique, secure configuration of Workday. Some components of the HCM tenant include benefits, compensation, payroll, absence, time tracking, and travel expense reimbursement. 

With these components in a cloud-based environment, employees can look forward to the following features and process improvements:

  • Self-service, such as the ability to …
    • Update personal info, contact information, and beneficiaries  
    • Complete timesheets, check leave balance, and request time off using a smart calendar
    • View W-2s, payroll statements, and total compensation package
    • Manage direct deposit accounts online and split paychecks between multiple accounts
    • Enroll in benefits and deferred compensation in the same online system
    • Submit travel receipts online for approvals and reimbursement
  • Mobile access, and real time information

New features, business processes, and more will be unveiled and demonstrated as progress continues toward the July 2021 Workday HCM Go Live date. 

For more information about the Iowa WorkSmart Project, please visit the website or contact the WorkSmart Team at with any questions.