The Iowa WorkSmart Project


As Iowa WorkSmart Project Accelerates, Change Agents to Play Important Role

July 2020 

Since the Iowa WorkSmart Project launched in April, representatives from across State government have been actively engaged in planning, designing, and laying the foundation for the new Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) system. 

This process has involved numerous meetings, workshops, and assignments for each of the HCM functional areas, including personnel records, benefits, payroll, time tracking, absence reporting, and travel expenses. The results of this extensive effort will help the project transition from the Architect stage to Configure and Prototype in August.

Another important aspect of the WorkSmart Project includes preparing the State for change. The WorkSmart Organizational Change Management (OCM) Team has been working to set the stage, with the ultimate goal of empowering all State of Iowa employees to be part of shaping the future of our workplace.
This month, the WorkSmart Team will be reaching out to agency leaders to designate Change Agents. Once identified, these Change Agents will play an important role in implementing Workday by serving as the WorkSmart Team’s primary point of contact for their organizations. 

Throughout the project, Change Agents will communicate vital information with appropriate audiences, serve as advocates for the project, assist with internal change readiness activities, and collect/share feedback. Stay tuned as the WorkSmart change network takes shape!

For more information about the Iowa WorkSmart Project, please visit the website or contact the WorkSmart Team at with any questions.      

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