The Iowa WorkSmart Project

Iowa WorkSmart Project Kicks Off Adaptive Insights

June 2020 

An innovative cloud-based initiative to modernize the State of Iowa’s forecasting, budgeting, and strategic planning processes has been kicked off as part of the Iowa WorkSmart Project.

Adaptive Insights, a Workday company, will enable better, faster decision-making based on data-driven analytics. It is a robust system designed for collaboration and the capability to produce budgets and reports quickly and easily. The addition of Adaptive Insights will optimize Workday’s functionality to help the State achieve its strategic goals.

The Iowa WorkSmart Project includes three functional areas which will be implemented in phases between now and July 2022.

  • Human Capital Management (HCM) - human resources, payroll, expenses
  • Adaptive Insights (Adaptive) - forecasting, budgeting, strategic planning
  • Financial Management (FIN) - finance, purchasing

Iowa’s Workday HCM system is currently in development, and Adaptive has just begun. Details and training for HCM, Adaptive, and FIN will be provided as the project progresses. 

Please visit the website for more information about the Iowa WorkSmart Project, or reach out to the WorkSmart team at with any questions.