The Iowa WorkSmart Project

The Iowa WorkSmart Project Launches

May 2020 

The Iowa WorkSmart Project has officially launched, bringing all State government together to implement the Workday Enterprise Resource Planning System. Workday is a cloud-based human capital and financial management software solution which will replace two of the State’s current legacy systems - the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Integrated Information for Iowa (I/3).

The WorkSmart Project will unfold in two phases. Phase 1 (HCM) includes human capital management, payroll, and expense functions, slated for completion in July of 2021. Phase 2 (FIN) is expected to roll out in July of 2022 and will include financial functions. 

In addition to more effective resource utilization and operations, this initiative will reduce redundancy and provide greater convenience for State employees. 

In Workday HCM, many HR processes will be streamlined and mobile-enabled, involving fewer steps and less paper for tasks such as leave requests, time and expense sheets, and benefits. Workday FIN will provide improved data integration, functionality, and reporting in real time, as well as greater visibility into state transactions and processes.

Moving forward, the Iowa WorkSmart Team will help guide the Workday transition, providing information and tools you need when you need it. Bookmark the official Iowa WorkSmart website - - for updates, next steps, resources, and training opportunities, and reach out to with any questions.