Retirement Savings

Need Help Choosing Investments?

August 2019 

All Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) providers offer investment guidance by a licensed investment advisor at no additional cost. Advisors are not paid based on the investments you choose, meaning the help you receive is focused on your retirement, not theirs! It can be beneficial to meet with your advisor periodically to ask questions and learn more about your investment selections. (See Sample Investment Review Questions).

Advisors have access to retirement planning tools designed to help determine your retirement income needs and show you the best ways to achieve your goal. If you need to change the amount you are saving and/or change your investment strategy, they can show you how. Your RIC provider also gives you access to similar tools online if you want to use them on your own. You can even ask to meet with your advisor directly to get help reading your quarterly statement. The more you know, the better you can feel about your investment choices. 

Who Is My Advisor?
If you do not know who your advisor is, call the toll-free number listed below and ask for your advisor’s contact information. You can call or email your advisor to ask questions or make an appointment. Most advisors will come to your home or work to make it easier for you.

AIG Horace Mann MassMutual Voya


If you are interested in changing your advisor, view your provider’s information about local advisors at You may change your advisor at any time.