Retirement Savings

News from Your Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) Providers

December 2020 

From time to time, one or more of the RIC providers (AIG, Horace Mann, MassMutual, Voya) share tools and information to assist retirement savers with planning and investment strategies. See current messages from the providers below.

Account Access Anywhere
AIG Retirement Services offers three ways to stay connected with your account information, anytime, anywhere.

Using the AIG Retirement Services Mobile, a free application for iPad®, iPhone® or Android™-based phones, you can find your:

  • Portfolio summary.
  • Transaction history.
  • Savings gap analysis.
  • Personal performance.
  • Third-party account balances*.
  • Contribution changes and much more.

You can also call your financial professional directly from the app — simply click the number to dial. Learn more or download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play today.

* This only populates and updates when you manually enter the information. iPad and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Do You Know Your Risk Tolerance?

Risk tolerance, which is the degree of variability in investment returns that an investor is willing to withstand, is a key factor in making retirement savings decisions. For this reason, it’s important to periodically monitor your investment choices and ensure they accurately reflect the degree of uncertainty you’re willing to take.

Log into your account today to see how you have your retirement funds invested in the Iowa RIC plan.
Questions? Contact your Horace Mann representative for a review of your overall retirement strategy. Horace Mann can help you identify your current risk tolerance and help determine if your portfolio is still right for you.


Social Security and Your Retirement
How does Social Security fit into your retirement plans? If you’re like many Americans, you may discover Social Security is crucial. Find out more by watching our latest webisode now.
Contact your MassMutual advisor to learn more about your financial choices, including help with saving in the Iowa RIC plan.

Do Something Good for Those You Care About

Check the beneficiary designations for your Iowa Retirement Investors' Club (RIC) Retirement Plan account at least once a year. If there’s been a change in your personal situation, such as a marriage, divorce, birth or a death, you may need to change your beneficiary to reflect your intentions.

You’ve worked hard to save these assets to create a legacy for your loved ones. Make sure that legacy is left to all those you intend to share it with. You can review and make changes to your beneficiary information any time. 

Log into your account and select Personal Information, then select Add/Edit Beneficiary. It’s easy to name or update your beneficiary. Don’t delay. Do it today!

And…while you’re checking your beneficiary designations, check out these helpful tools that can help you prepare for tomorrow!