Retirement Savings

News From Your RIC Providers

August 2019 

From time to time, one or more of the RIC providers (AIG, Horace Mann, MassMutual, Voya) share tools, education, and information to assist retirement savers with planning and investment strategies. See current messages from the providers below.

Summer Finance Tips
Below are three ways you can use your summer to establish new, healthy money habits: 

  • Build an emergency savings account. The best time to prepare for unexpected costs is now. Financial experts recommend establishing an emergency fund of roughly three to six months worth of expenses. 
  • Make a plan to pay off debt. Paying off debt is an effective strategy to use to take control of your financial future. Every cent you pay toward debt is a penny that could go toward your financial goals. 
  • Sign up for your employer’s retirement savings plan. Establishing a saving habit now makes it more likely you’ll stick to it throughout your prime income-earning years. 

You have powerful tools and resources available at (see Financial Education in top menu) to you to help manage your finances. If you have questions, please contact our dedicated financial advisors by calling 888-569-7055.

It’s Time to Map Out Your Financial Wellness Game Plan

No matter where you are on your financial journey, MapMyFinances℠ can help you improve your overall financial wellness. MapMyFinances℠ uses the information you provide to give you a financial wellness score and then creates a personalized, step-by-step game plan to help gain financial flexibility. By doing this, you can be better prepared for what’s happening now and what’s next.

You can access MapMyFinances℠ by logging into your account at Log in and click “Check Your Financial Wellness” on the homepage to get your financial wellness score and personalized game plan.

Note: Guidance may not be available for certain products. Guidance is based on MapMyFinances℠ assumptions and information provided by the employee and employer.

Keep Your Beneficiary Designations Current and Updated
The money in your Iowa Retirement Investors’ Club account belongs to you. But no one can predict the future so it’s important you name a beneficiary - the person(s) who will receive your account assets after your death. 

You may have already named a beneficiary, however, when life events happen such as birth of a child, marriage or divorce, you need to update this information in Voya’s online system.

You can review and make changes to your beneficiary information by logging into your account at Select Personal Information, select the plan you want to view or update, then select Add/Edit Beneficiary. You will need to follow this process for each plan. You can also update over the phone at 800-584-6001.