Retirement Savings

Saving Toward Retirement

July 2019 

If you receive an across the board (ATB) or other pay increase, you may want to consider the benefits of deferring extra dollars to your Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC) retirement plan. Saving in RIC helps you be prepared and build income for retirement. 

Your contributions to RIC can help supplement your future IPERS benefit, and saving your pay increases instead of spending them can mean a bigger nest egg for increased living costs in retirement. 

Remember you have the option to make pretax and Roth (post-tax) contributions to RIC. RIC savings dollars are intended for long-term investment and are not available for use while working unless you qualify for an Unforeseeable Emergency Withdrawal, inactive small account cash-out, or attainment of age 70-½.

To change your payroll deductions, complete the RIC Account Form found at