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In-Person Professional Development Solutions (PDS) Training Currently Suspended - Course Options Available

May 2020 

In response to COVID-19 guidelines for self-isolation and social distancing, we are pleased to announce Performance & Development Solutions has several options for employees to continue their professional development. To see the current training options, visit https://das.iowa.gov/node/8685.  

NOTE: Due to demand, Performance & Development Solutions has created a 30-minute course, Tips and Tricks for Zoom. Performance & Development Solutions strongly encourages participants to attend this prior to taking a virtual live instructor-led course as there are many features of Zoom you may not be familiar with. Please see the article regarding this class in this newsletter and email PDS@iowa.gov to reserve your space. 

Virtual Performance & Development Solutions Instructor-Led Courses
Many of our classroom courses have been updated to be delivered in an online live format. 

  MAY 2020  
  May 11 Fundamentals of Supervision (MTS NC 151) *NEW DATE
  May 12 Crucial Accountability (MTS CA 201)
  May 14 Customer Experience (MTS CE 001) *NEW DATE! 
  May 15 Ethics of Leadership and Influence (MTS LI 001)
  May 18-22 Crucial Conversations (MTS CC 101) *NEW DATE!
*(This class was rescheduled from 4/21/& 22). Class time: 9-11:00 daily
  May 19 Professional Impact (MTS GI 084)
  May 21 Generational Diversity (MTS GD 001)
  May 26 Financial Budgeting (MTS FB 101)
  May 27 Dimensions of Leadership (MTS GI 230)
  May 28 Managing Stress and Workplace Accountability (MTS MS 001)
  June 2020  
  June 1 Customer Experience (MTS CE 001)
  June 2 Advanced Principles of Communication-Part 2 *NEW DATE! 
*(Will replace Part 1 currently scheduled)
  June 4-5 Crucial Conversations (2 day) (MTS CC 101) (TBD)
  June 8 Fundamentals of Supervision (MTS NC 151)
  June 9     Shaping Effective and Engaged Teams (MTS ET 001) *NEW DATE! 
  June 11 Project Management Fundamentals (MTS PT 123) 
  June 15 Leading Through Change (MTS LC 001)
  June 16 Emotional Intelligence (MTS EI 201)
  June 16 Advanced Principles of Communication (MTS AU 001)*NEW DATE!  
*(Will replace Part 2 currently scheduled)
  June 18 Financial Budgeting (MTS FB 101)
  June 24 Dimensions of Leadership (MTS GI 230)
  June 25 Fundamentals of Supervision (MTS NC 151) *NEW DATE!
  June 26 Generational Diversity (MTS GD 001)
  June 30 Advanced Principles of Communication-Part 2 *NEW DATE! 


The courses will run as scheduled and the normal cancellation policy of 14 day notice applies. Performance & Development Solutions will limit class size to 18 participants on a first-come, first-served basis. For classes with more than 18 people enrolled, we will add new dates and will work with participants to reschedule as needed. 

Performance & Development Solutions On-Demand Courses
Our on-demand courses can be completed at any time. Many of these courses are policy related and may be required training. See these class listings at https://das.iowa.gov/das.iowa.gov/human-resources/training-and-development/On-DemandCourseOptions.

New Horizons Virtual and On-Demand Computer Courses
Computer training courses are still offered by New Horizons. See class listings at http://www.newhorizonsdm.com/resources/pdf-course-schedule.

Please reach out to your Training Liaison or the Performance & Development Solutions team with questions