PDS Training

Keep Your Work/People Skills Up To Date with PDS Training

January 2019 

Keeping your skills up to date in the workplace is important for your personal and professional growth. State of Iowa Performance & Development Solutions (PDS) presents informative seminars and programs for State employees at all levels, including those who are new to State Government, supervisory staff, executive management, and professional/technical staff.

Some classes will have a fee for attendance, while many courses are included at no additional cost as part of your agency’s training utility fee. Browse through the website and read details in the FY19 Course Catalog

Enrollment is easy. You’ll need to complete the course registration form and include the appropriate approval signatures. Once completed, return the form to your departmental Training Liaison. Contact information for Training Liaisons may be found at https://das.iowa.gov/human-resources/training-and-development/training-liaison/executive-branch. If your organization does not have a Training Liaison, you may submit your registration form directly to PDS@iowa.gov.

The PDS training courses for February and March are:

February 2019  
February 5 Diversity Training for Employees (1/2 day class) - (MTS GI 450)
February 6 From Interview to Hire (MTS NC 301)
February 6-7 Crucial Conversations (2 day class) - (MTS CC 101)
February 8 Discipline, Grievance & the Merit System (MTS NC 903)
February 12 Developing Employees (MTS DE 101) **NEW CLASS**
February 12 Listening: The Forgotten Skill (MTS GI 003)
February 14 Dimensions of Leadership (MTS GI 230)
February 19 Diversity Training for Managers (MTS GI 400)
February 20 Professional Impact (MTS GI 084)
February 21 Managing Conflict & Resistance in the Workplace (MTS GI 165)
February 22 Enhancing Team Membership (MTS TM 001)
February 22 Performance Evaluation (MTS NC 401)
February 26 Managing Your Time & Priorities (MTS GI 090)
February 28 Strategic Planning & Systems Thinking (MTS ST 001)
March 2019  
March 5  Diversity Training for Employees (1/2 day class) - (MTS GI 450)
March 6  Fundamentals of Supervision (MTS NC 151)
March 8 Shaping Effective & Engaged Teams (MTS ET 001)
March 12 Investigating Employee Misconduct (MTS NC 118)
March 12 Advanced Principles of Communication – Part 1 Authenticity (MTS AU 001)
March 13 Crucial Accountability (MTS CA 201)
March 14 The Servant Leader (MTS SL 001)
March 21-22 Human Relations Skills (2 day class) – (MTS SC 203)
March 26 Advanced Principles of Communication – Part 2 Communication (MTS AU 002)
March 27 Introduction to State Procurement (1/2 day class) – (MTS SP 001)
March 29 Ethical Issues in Today’s Workplace (1/2 day class) – (MTS PT 992)