DAS Education

How to Get Started with the New Learning Management System 

September 2020 

The Department of Administrative Services has launched a statewide initiative to enhance training delivery through implementation of the Learnsoft learning management system (LMS). Learnsoft replaces the IITS system and is changing the way employees sign up for and track their training. 

You are now able to access the PDS course catalog and enroll in courses all through the LMS. 

You should have already received an email from Learnsoft with your login credentials. They are:  

  1. Access the login page by clicking on this link or copy and paste the following site into your browser: https://lsglm700.learnsoft.com/LSGLM/Login/iowalogindas.aspx.
  2. Login to the system using the information provided below:
  • Username: your full email address (e.g., kim.hanson1@iowa.gov)
  • Initial Case-Sensitive Password: welcome123

If you have not already logged in, you may want to watch this video on How to Complete Training and Navigate this System. This video is located on your Dashboard in the 'My Tasks' section. It is essential you watch this short video to understand how to sign up for courses. If you still have questions after watching the video, please contact your assigned Training Liaison.