DAS Education

New Learning Management System Being Implemented

April 2020 

The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Performance & Development Solutions (PDS) team is excited to announce a new training and development initiative through a partnership with Learnsoft Enterprise Training (Learnsoft). This learning management system (LMS) will replace the IITS system and will change the way employees sign up for and track their training.   

Learnsoft is a national leader in providing organizations with a fully-integrated learning solution, with the ability to incorporate both web-based and instructor-led training delivery methods. 

Employees will continue to access the PDS course catalog in much the same way they access it now through the PDS website. When they sign up for courses, however, supervisors will be sent an email to approve the course registration. This streamlines the current process and allows employees to place a course notification on their calendar at the time of enrollment. 

DAS has started implementation calls with Learnsoft and go live dates for each agency are being developed based on each agency's needs. The new LMS will provide an engaging, learning-rich environment where training and reference materials can be stored in a centralized area. Watch your email for announcements on training, which will be conducted in phases depending on your role within the system and your agency.   

Please contact Kim Hanson, DAS-PDS Development & Training Specialist, at Kim.Hanson@iowa.gov or 401-9542 with questions.