Other Benefits

Employee Assistance Program - Help Dealing with Life Challenges

April 2019 

The State recognizes the importance of providing a confidential resource to help you and your eligible family members deal with the challenges life sends your way. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers services designed to help you before problems begin to interfere with your job performance. 

EAP services are provided by KEPRO, a nationwide health care management company. You can reach KEPRO at 800-833-3031 or www.EAPHelplink.com (Company Code: IOWA). KEPRO counseling services are confidential within strict legal limits.

Problems for which KEPRO can provide help include:

  • Alcohol or other drug abuse.
  • Career struggles/job burnout.
  • Death/dying issues.
  • Financial consultation (budgeting/investing).
  • Health or stress concerns.
  • Interpersonal conflicts.
  • Marriage or family problems.
  • Legal concerns (personal, non-employment related).
  • Workplace conflicts.

There is no charge for services provided by KEPRO.

KEPRO services are intended to be short-term in nature, therefore counseling services are limited to three sessions with a KEPRO counselor per incident. If a KEPRO counselor refers you elsewhere, those providers may charge for their services. In these cases, however, KEPRO counselors will work with you to identify affordable resources that may be partially covered by your health insurance.