Group Insurance

Iowa Choice Guest Membership

July 2019 

If you are enrolled in the Iowa Choice option for health care coverage, what do you do if you have children attending school out of state or family members who reside in another state but require coverage under your health plan? What if you retire and want to go south for the winter?

Wellmark provides a Guest Membership benefit for retirees and active employees’ eligible dependents who reside outside Wellmark’s Blue Access network for 90 consecutive days or more in a plan year. The Guest Membership benefit enables dependents and retirees to access covered services from Blue Cross and Blue Shield participating hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers in the state where the covered dependent or retiree is set up on guest membership. Guest Membership is only available within the United States. 

Copays, deductible, and coinsurance remain the same but the contract holder could be responsible for any difference between the amount charged and the maximum allowable fee. The maximum allowable fee is the amount, established by Wellmark, for covered services and supplies.

Learn more and request a Guest Membership by contacting Wellmark’s customer service at 800-622-0043.