Health and Well-Being

Offered Online! Upcoming Health and Well-Being Resource Seminars

July 2020 

On-demand online seminars covering various health and well-being topics are available from the State‚Äôs Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at Use Company Code: IOWA and click on e-learning for a list of available online seminars. 

You can view online seminars from your computer or any other Internet-enabled device at your convenience. The seminars are free of charge and are accessible on the available dates listed below:

Available beginning July 21
Explore New Horizons and Expand the Mind
Discover the possibility and promise of seeking and exploring new horizons.

Available beginning August 18
Outsourcing Your To-Do List
Learn to outsource the more thankless chores and discover a world of potential toward a happier and more fulfilling way of life

EAP also offers confidential resources to help employees and eligible family members address challenges which may impact job performance, affect well-being, and take a toll on overall health. EAP services are provided at no cost to employees and eligible family members.

For more information, additional EAP resources, and a flier outlining the 2020 On-Demand Online Seminars, visit the Employee Assistance Program web page.