Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Online Seminars

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Online Seminars

January 2019

KEPRO, the State’s provider of EAP services, offers on-demand monthly online seminars covering various topics. Seminars may be found online at www.EAPHelplink.com (Company Code: IOWA).

Online seminars are an interactive learning experience you can view at your convenience.

Starting January 15
“Building Positive Relationships at Work”

Examine patterns in our workplace relationships and how we can alter our approach to make them more positive.

Starting February 19
“Mental Health First Aid”

Recognize the signs of someone who might be facing emotional concerns, and learn best practices for offering support.

EAP also offers confidential resources to help State employees and eligible family members address challenges which may impact job performance, affect well-being, and take a toll on overall health. EAP services are provided at no cost to employees and eligible family members.

For more information and additional resources, visit https://das.iowa.gov/human-resources/healthy-opportunities/employee-assistance-program.